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Speedo logo

Speedo is an open source implementation of the JDO (TM) 1.0.1 specification. It is hosted by OW2.

Speedo main benefits

  • Possible choice of optimistic or pessimistic transaction mode
  • Locking managed by Speedo itself or by the database (clustering support)
  • Cache of persistent objects (L2), with a choice of several replacement policies (LRU | MRU | FIFO | ...) configurable per class.
  • Data prefetching at query evaluation time: later accesses to objects will not require any I/O to the data store
  • Lazy loading of data and support of fetch groups (JDO2)
  • Management of relation ships (coherency management)
  • Able to create the SQL schema dynamicaly and to provide sql script
  • Various identifier support (application (composite or single), SQL sequence, speedo)
  • Lot of types supported
  • Lot of databases supported (Oracle, MS SQL server, Mysql, Postgres, ...)
  • Through JORM and MEDOR, access to legacy relational databases, as well as any other data store supported by JORM and MEDOR
  • Http console for administration
  • Soon fully JDO 2.0 ...

Speedo reuses several OW2 frameworks:

  • JORM, a framework for mapping objects onto persistent supports such as relational databases.
  • MEDOR, a query framework permitting queries over distributed data sources.
  • Perseus is a persistence framework managing several aspects such as caching, pooling, and concurrency control.
  • Fractal, the OW2 component model used to build middleware components and frameworks.
  • Julia, Fractal's reference implementation.
  • ASM, a framework to manage Java byte code.
  • Monolog, an API of logging which aims at being independant from the logging system (log4j, jdk1.4).

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