Speedo TODO List

  1. Implements the EJB3 persistence API (JSR 220) (60%)
  2. document the JMX console use
  3. JDO 2: queries
  4. JDO 2: persitent interfaces
  5. Avoid extent if all classes instances are loaded.
  6. Add foreign key constraint declaration in Speedo.
  7. Bug to fix: In JDO The persistency by attachement must be checked at commit time too and can be able to forget attached instances which are no more attached to a persistent instance. That implies to maintain in the working a list of really persistent class and a list of persistent class by attadchement. At the commit time Speedo must checks if among the persistent class by attachement, some instances are no more attached to a real persistent class.
  8. Provide particular implementation of Collection and Set in order to avoid the loading in case of very large collection. These implementations would implement the collection/set methods with SQL order (add ==> INSERT, remove ==> DELETE, contains ==> SELECT, iterator ==> query, ...). The implementation idea is to consider collection elements like persistent objects. The identifier would be composed of the collection identifier and the element identifier (PName or primitive value).
  9. Attribute a weight to the compiled query. This weight would be based on the time to compile the query. Indeed an heavy query should be kept in cache in place of light weight query.
  10. Distributed concurrency manager (use existing Perseus component)
  11. Distributed cache
  12. When prefetching an extent of an inheritance graph, with auto references, avoid to load these auto references form the database if already present in the prefetch buffer (but not yet in the map [PName -> RowId]).
  13. Allow to have 2 java fields with the same name into 2 classes belonging to the same inheritance graph (see JORM bug).
  14. Hide persistent object distribution (in several database)
  15. Speedo over file system
  16. Separate the enhancer in two parts: class weaving and mapping code generation
  17. Currently, to get a sequence, one class of the package must be loaded before the pm.getSequence.
  18. For jdo2 sequence, factory class and contiguous.
  19. Allow to use the pk of a class as the key of a map in a unidirectional relationship case.
  20. Write only dirty fields.

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